Faiyam served as lead-engineer on our machine learning based application. Among other things, Faiyam developed the machine learning program, hosted the program on the server, and set up communications between front and back end. Faiyam has demonstrated a high degree of technical excellence and a strong understanding of client needs. His versatility as an all-rounded engineer makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

- Nicholas Kho, Graduate of Columbia University of Law

Faiyam was our engineer consultant during the development of our start-up. He was eager to contribute to our initiative and worked enthusiastically on the development of our backend. Faiyam showed patience and professionalism, taking the time to explain the more technical facets of his work in a digestible manner to all team members. He maintained a positive attitude throughout our time working together, was responsive to feedback, and demonstrated expertise in his work. I would highly recommend working with Faiyam.

- Clara Tessler, Columbia University SIPA graduate

We had been trying to get a website up for months but had made little or no progress. Once Faiyam came on, he walked with us through every step of the process. He helped us define the project, build wireframes, choose a hosting service, implement the site, and even did some design for us as well. Faiyam also did more than just do the work. He brought an air of professionalism, discipline, and warmth to the project. He was a real pleasure to work with, both as a person and a professional. I highly recommend him to anyone with a project they need to move forward.

- Brent Napoleon, Co-founder @ Meow3D

I’ve worked with Faiyam on a number of projects, including Amadeus at Cornell Tech. Faiyam is a uniquely able individual. He is able to set his mind to a task and get it done through sheer aptitude, will, and effort. At the same time he is empathetic to his colleagues, users, and stakeholders, taking all of their needs, views and opinions into account while mapping a way forward. As a coworker, Faiyam is someone I can have full trust of and faith into. He is also a tremendous teacher. I have witnessed time and again how Faiyam takes a complex subject and finds a way to explain it in a way tailored to the individual listening. The effect is that the learner feels great about themselves while learning a difficult subject. I highly recommend Faiyam as a colleague, friend, and human.

- Dmitry Pavluk, Tech Lead @ Hatchify

Faiyam and I ended up working closely together on much of the user experience and workflow for Learn.co. Throughout our time at Flatiron School, it was a pleasure to work with Faiyam. He always pushed the product and design forward, encouraging healthy debates within the team while respecting the different opinions offered. For his enthusiasm, humanity, creativity, product acumen and eye for design, I highly recommend Faiyam.

- Edvin Lee, Multidisciplinary creative