Consensus Health Prototype

Role: Product Strategy, Design, Development

Technologies: JotForm, Squarespace, Webflow, HTML, CSS

Company: Consensus Health

Client Request

Consensus Health is a marketplace that connects traveling physicians with hospitals in need of temporary staff. ReadyMadeGO was hired to advise on a product strategy for the overall business, with a special focus on developing an initial proof-of-concept prototype.

Given the nature of the business, we advised that we build a prototype for the physician-facing side first, as that would provide a means to start gathering revenue and develop the matching process with minimal time and resources.

Following a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to an initial version of a still unproven product, we developed the prototype without a single line of code, making use of platforms like JotForm, Mailchimp, and Webflow to satisfy the client’s needs while keeping development costs as low as possible. Another added benefit is that by avoiding the usage of custom code, the client is able to edit the prototype without paying for additional development resources.

An Example Email to Physicians

A sample page from the Physicians sign-up form

Physicians Profile Page

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